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Our Legal Nurse Consultants are the attorneys Secret Weapon when dealing with medical related cases.
Doctors are Expensive!
Using a Legal Nurse Consultant in a medical related legal case can save a law firm thousands of dollars. Doctors can charge up to $1, 000+ per hour; while a Legal Nurse Consultant is much less.
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Gives Your Medical Cases a Competitive Edge

Eagle Legal Nurse Consultants
eagle legal nurse consultants

We are the best full-service consulting firm based in Fargo, North Dakota.

Eagle Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC has more than 20 years of medical experience. Each and every case is handled with the strictest confidentiality.

What separates us from the others.

There may be other Legal Nurse Consultants in the country, but we have a unique edge. We are the only company who has a special Legal Nurse with experience as a Paramedic and in Law Enforcement.

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