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Frequently Asked Questions

Many attorneys ask why would they need a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and we have comprised a list of the most asked questions and answers.

What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

The primary role of the legal nurse consultant is to evaluate, analyze, and render informed opinions on the delivery of health care and the resulting outcomes. For over 20 years, legal nurse consultants have acted as collaborators and strategists, offering support in medically-related litigation and other medical-legal matters.

Why do attorneys need our services of a legal nurse consultant?

According to the Houston Chronicle, 25% of attorneys deal with medical-related cases. They rely on specially trained CLNC® consultants to help them win cases for their plaintiff or defense clients. Few attorneys know how to read medical records or understand the terminology and subtleties of healthcare issues. While the attorney is the expert on legal issues, the legal nurse consultant is the expert on nursing and the inner workings of the healthcare system. We apply our knowledge of medical, nursing and health-related issues to make the attorney’s job easier, more efficient and more effective. Our professional expertise as an RN and a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant qualifies us to review and interpret relevant medical records, screen medical-related cases, prepare chronologies, assist with discovery and provide dozens of other CLNC® services.

Eagle Legal Nurse Consultants can help you with the following types of legal cases.

Medical and Nursing Malpractice Cases.
General Personal Injury Cases.
Products Liability Cases
Medical device and drug-related cases.
Non-medical device cases.
Toxic Torts and Environmental Cases
Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Injury Case
Criminal Cases
Any Case Where Health, Illness or Injury is an Issue.

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What types of Attorneys can use the help from a Legal Nurse Consultant?

ANY Lawyer in basically ANY case could use the resource that a Legal Nurse Consultant can provide. Our services can cover approximately 90% of the cases in the legal system today. Please see the following page on the types of legal cases we can provide assistance.

Why hire a Legal Nurse Consultant when I can just use a Paralegal?

The advantage of using a Legal Nurse Consultant is because we are familiar with the inner workings of the medical world. We also understand the medical terminology. It is not cost effective to train a paralegal in the many different areas of medicine and nursing.

Why should you hire a legal nurse consultant?

Experience. The legal nurse consultant has an extensive background of clinical experience, which includes interpretation of medical records, documents, and medical-legal issues.

Cost-effectiveness. The legal nurse consultant utilizes their nursing background and knowledge of healthcare standards to identify strengths and weaknesses of a case.

Resourcefulness. The legal nurse consultant possesses a network of medical and professional resources and contacts.

Knowledge. The legal nurse consultant has a thorough understanding of medical issues and trends related to the total litigation process. The legal nurse consultant is able to customize the case for the attorney, the client, and jury.

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How much do Certified Legal Nurse Consultants charge?

Our fee is cost-effective for the attorney who would otherwise have to pay an MD expert as much as $1000/hr. Call us today and we can provide you with our fee structure depending on your needs of your case. CALL TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION or go here to schedule a FREE Consultation CLICK HERE

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